Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Misfit Con

I love the message of this conference.

Misfit Con Fargo 2013 from Misfit, Inc. on Vimeo.

"Perfect is always the horizon.  To reach that horizon you can keep walking toward it, and you should, but there's always going to be another horizon."

"Making Better Best".  It sounds like a lot of work.  It sounds like a never ending journey.  It's walking toward that horizon and never stopping to rest.

It sounds tiring to me too.  I bet you aren't giving yourself enough credit. You are probably walking toward the horizon each day, even if you're only taking baby steps and accomplishing tiny goals.  Recognize all that you are doing to be the best you that you can be each day.  Some days for me it really is as simple as keeping a snarky comment to myself.  The horizon is to not let the negative thoughts enter my mind, but in the mean time, keeping things to myself that don't need to be said is a good step.

Be proud of yourself and all that you are accomplishing.  Those feelings are the best motivation to keep you going.

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